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April 07, 2009



That's terrible. I wonder what the stats say for that city. Ratios of all dog bites to pit bull/mixes and number of pit bulls in the city, etc. Because no doubt this is another case of willful innumeracy amongst the governing personnel of this city--i.e., overreaction!

I haven't read your blog before but I can see your knowledgeable on this subject. This law is unfair to the many pit bulls that are just nice dogs.

Good point about opening up the city to liability for other breed-bites as well.



Here are the #s I know. Impoundments from Jan -May 2007 were 1,367 - -and went up to 1,672 in the same time period in 2008. So impoundments were up. Now some other changes they made at the shelter did improve adoption rates (to the shelter's credit), but obviously impounds were up.

I'm working on getting the other information...

Brad Jensen

Fascinating! City Council is sort of painting themselves into a very small corner.

Brad Jensen


What these awful people are saying, which is the same thing the HSUS reps said in the Wilkes Co. NC case, is that a dog adopted from a city facility renders that city liable for its behaviour for the rest of its life.

Taking this line of skewed reasoning to its logical conclusion, no dogs should therefore be adopted from city shelters regardless of shape, because the city is vulnerable if that dog snaps, snarls, chews shoes or steals the Easter ham (as my Mum's Chow did one year - he was guzzling water for a week lol).

Someone should point out to them that there is such a thing as an adoption release form (I've signed them in the past) and that not everyone suffers from a lack of reasoning ability.

I'm convinced they just want all the 'pit bulls' to take the blame for human shortcomings. Either that, or they just like to kill dogs because thanks to propaganda, it's the 'in' thing to do in the hinterlands.

PAMM - People Against Malevolent Morons

Time to vote the assholes out of office Springfield!

Linda M. Phillips

Humane Society in New Castle, PA 16101 has the same policy! Headlines in the local paper..."Woman claims adoption refused" 2/8/11 New Castle News New Castle, PA...she tried to adopt a 6 mo.or so pitt bull just turned in as a stray, says she got a pitt bull rescue organ. involved, & the society would not release the pitt bull to any one...their policy is to put down any dog of that breed! What a travisty!!! I'm sick of things like this... Linda Phillips Lawrence Co. Animal Releif Fund aka LC-ARF newly formed organ. trying to effect change and help the animals in the county.

kelly g

What a bunch of clueless ASSHOLES!!!!!!


I love this term "PULL". The only thing this is is rescues wanting dogs for free so they can go to the media begging for donations because they have "RESCUED" this dog and dont have the funds to care for it. In my opinion all rescues do is contribute to the over population problem.


Jim, you are an idiot.

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