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April 02, 2009



Of course it was lengthy and boring. It contained facts instead of fairy tales. How dull :>)

Excellent piece, thanks for posting it.


Echoing Selma - that's the truth. Great work by KCDA in Greenwood!


Heh. I'm completely ADD and somewhat well-researched on the facts surrounding dangerous dogs, hence my less-than-tolerant descriptors. I'll presume you forgive me since GWBoA came through.

Still think you guys could cut down your presentation and make your point without losing ADD fools like myself. The trend is shifting and America isn't buying the anti-pit propaganda from the MSM any longer.


Yeah -- as the old saying goes, if I'd had more time, we'd have made it shorter.

There is so much info out there, that it is difficult to know what parts will hit home...and there were certainly some pieces of that presentation that, in hindsight, I wouldn't have included.

Either way, all is good -- and I'm glad that the change went through.

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