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April 11, 2009



This H$U$ change of heart appears to me to be to be a direct effect of the economy and specifically the recession. Donations must be down, so untapped sources of funds must be identified. Yo! Who doesn't give to H$U$? The owners of "pit bulls". How to get money from them? Appear to change yer spots and vaccuum up the money!

Also, H$U$ sounds like it learned its lesson from not getting its hands on the Vick dogs. Missed out on the money pot there. How fair an evaluation will "fight bust" dogs receive from H$U$?

Pacelle's blog statement is qualified to the extreme.

This H$U$ positioning isn't about dogs. It's about dollars.


Wayne is already back tracking: "This may still be the outcome for the animal victims of dogfighters". Now they're just going to say they evaluated them and then kill them.

"This H$U$ positioning isn't about dogs. It's about dollars." AND NOTHING ELSE PERIOD!

Good news indeed the the AW movement is putting their foot down and refusing to be "lead" by H$U$. H$U$ still deserves nothing more than the utmost skepticism and to be watched like a hawk.


H$U$ already working to implement BSL in Indianapolis.

Michael Christensen

About time


HSUS caught in Indianapolis pushing BSL. Nathan reported it. How quickly HSUS forgets? Let's be realistic eh? HSUS is pushing to outlaw all non native species HR669, and even the display of an animal in public in CA. Sure, it gets more specific. But with nearly 200 anti pet, anti rescue etc laws nationwide, no one should believe HSUS. HSUS is going to bring about its own demise.

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I believe it's a move Pacelle made because of the heat he is getting from the rescue community and the animal rights community. Pacelle's belief is as Ingrid's, euthanize them, they are better off.

HSUS and Pacelle have been hit hard this year. More and more rescuers, animal activist and general animal lovers are finding out the truth behind the big HSUS name and they are finding out they have all been duped, just as I did. I was a loyal follower and even worked with HSUS on a daily basis until, the
hurricane hit. I saw HSUS for what it really was then. A phone room and publicity machine. The animals were not and never have been the main agenda. If this would have been the case HSUS would have been saving lives during Katrina instead they were no more than a big animal control. Animals were collected and killed sent, all over the U.S. to be destroyed in kill shelters or languish in a no kill facility with no hope for reunification. HSUS had no intention of producing the records of where the animals were found. Why? They would have to pay to ship them back to the Gulf Coast. It's said among rescuers that were the last standing at Lamar Dixon, over 500 Pit Bulls were secretly killed.

The only time HSUS would back off from what has been policy on confiscated pit bulls is because it has cut into donations. The problem HSUS is going to have with the new policy they say they will adopt ( I don't believe it for a minute) on confiscated Pit bulls or Am staffs, is what will they do when it's time to put up actual funds to care for the animals? Most likely this is the dilemma that will stop them in their tracks. There is no way they will pay for rehabilitation, enrichment and boarding until they are adopted.

One poster said it well, For HSUS, its not about dog's it's about dollars.

Dawn Bechtold


I am seriously "tardy to the party" here, considering this post was from almost a year ago, but, I'm afraid the post still stands as somewhat naive. Even close to a year later I would not be "YAY"ing the HSUS on any "fresh stance or "change" in policy.

You state: "But the good news is, the PUBLIC demanded it to a point that HSUS DID change their policy. The PUBLIC has charted a direction for how we treat animals in this country -- and that direction is no longer being led by HSUS."
You're kidding right? The general PUBLIC is misinformed, misguided by the media and all the (ignorant)celebrity-driven massively money-driven campaigns, and in general completely in the dark overall in terms of this issue. This is not meant as an insult to the general public, it's just a fact as to where the majority of the public's priorities are. It's about choice and it's about awareness.

The ones to be hailed? Animal welfare and animal rights activists, rescue organizations. Organizations such as Best Friends Sanctuary and many many others are responsible, and who should be given the credit for any "change in policy" by the HSUS. I'm afraid I have yet (again, nearing one year later) to see by the HSUS in full action and publicized as such or even covered by the media ...or any animal welfare group/organization a full progression of a dog (or group of dogs) from being in a dogfighting ring or being bred for such to a complete success story (such as many other smaller groups have shown and documented satisfactorily).

I am afraid that clearly, as someone earlier commented, a full 180 switch is just not going to happen from a donation hungry/money focused organization such as the HSUS. Their history speaks for itself. As the previous commenter states so succinctly; It's not about the dog it's about the dollar.
And don't even get me started on their cohorts PETA and their own criminal enterprise!


Barbara -- your criticisms are fair. And by "public" I did mean, by and large, the Animal Welfare community. Yes, the public 'at large" is woefully uninformed, but it was great to see the Animal Welfare public -- who used to yield to HSUS in what they thought was good policy - dictate policy to HSUS. That's a very good sign.

And while I don't expect a full 180 and HSUS stepping up and leading the charge in finding homes for bust dogs any time soon (they SHOULD be more than willing to do it, but at this point, I expect very little from them), at least they are no longer getting in the way of others who are trying to do it...and them not hurting the cause is, in its own way, helping.

Elliott Broidy

That's wonderful news.

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