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April 12, 2009



Oh what a sad Easter this must be for the boy's family. I read in another article there will be a news conference tomorrow morning. I hope we will learn more details about how the dogs made it through the barbed wire fencing.


Yes, it was a very sad Easter for the family and friends of this beautiful boy as well as the rest of their lives. It's amazing how the article states that the dogs--BOXERS were in well maintained kennels and not to mention that the victims family are well liked and respected people loved by many. There has been no help for the poor victims family in their's a really sad and pathetic situation for this poor family. God bless and give them the strength to keep fighting for their baby's legacy.


The caretaker who let the German Boxers out is the fiance of the dog owners.

He is also the Parish K-9 officer. He let the dogs out, gave them a dog biscuit and left them in the unfenced yard.

At this time the responsible parties have not even been charged with breaking the Parish leash law.

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