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April 18, 2009



Point taken but I'm wondering if we aren't still coming at this from a negative stance. That is, "everybody's NOT doing it". Could we reframe it to say what "everybody" IS doing? Are there examples of well crafted, breed neutral laws we can compile in list form to hold up as an example to communities considering BSL?


This is an excellent post, and yesbiscuit! is on the right track. We need a whitepaper that lists the details on each of these, along with details of communities that have chosen to go with BSL, and contrast what the effect has been on safety, cost, etc,

I am going to work more on this. It's probably going to be 100 pages, which will have to be boiled down to a summary similar to Brent's post.

Thank you for this.


Let us know how it goes Dan -- I've been trying to keep a list too -- but have to confess, I'm not the greatest some days at keeping them organized...

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