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April 03, 2009



Great form. According to the interview with SC animal control you must sign the form. If you sign the top portion, they can kill the dog. If you sign the bottom portion, they can kill the dog.

A citizen won a lawsuit in Spokane, WA last year for violation of due process. There is another one brewing, and it looks like the same outcome is likely. This case in Sioux city looks much the same.

These people need to find an attorney and let the city find out how expensive their little hissy-fit over dogs can be. There is information out there about he emotional tie to dogs, and I think there are judgements that have been awarded well beyond the cost of just the animal. It would be interesting to see how deep the budget for the city's little tantrum is.

A petition is fine, but lawsuits cost the city money and reputation. Who wants to be known as the business that moved to a city of dog-haters?

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