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April 25, 2009


Samantha Cook

Geez, is every mutt in the world a "Pit Bull" mix?! What happened to MUTTS? My heart goes out to the family.


Samantha, I'm afraid what you say is partially true.
Not EVERY mutt in the world is a "pit bull mix".
Only those that bite, or "threaten" or "approach".


If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and kills like a duck.

15 Dead in not even at the half way point.


Yes, 15 dead -- especially at this stage of the year -- is tragic indeed.

Since you like to use the "duck" analogy Doug, I think it should be pointed out that of the 15 fatalities, 4 have been because of "ducks", and of the 26 dogs that have been involved in these 6 of them have been 'ducks'.

If we want to end the tragedies, we need to be sure we focus on the causes of these attacks, and not just 'ducks', which are the vast minority of these attacks.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. But I have alreay come around on that point.

I am for excons and people who have been arrested for drugs or gangs stuff to be banned from owning dangerous dogs.


Many dogs, like poodles, will bark at passers-by... protecting their territory. My ex's shelties barked up a storm. I could find no fatalities from Shelties. Don't forget the testimony that the dog very calmly, simply walked over to the baby... with both parents there... and gently picked up the baby and killed it. It took 8-45 slugs to stop the attack. Do you honestly, honestly, think the adults would have allowed any animal they thought was a problem, near their miracle baby? They had been trying for 17 years. Do you? Also, I don't believe they were drug dealers or thugs so that's out. Are you saying that just because the dog barked at passers-by, it was clearly a killer?
Folks, it's not that they bite... all dogs bite. It's how they bite that makes them different. If a poodle had bitten the kid, it probably would be alive.


Sadly Jim, it is that attitude, and lack of information, that is perpetuating the problem. Since January 2008, there have been 11 children under 14 months of age that have been killed by dogs -- there have been 8 different breeds involved in the fatal attacks -- including perceived "safe" breeds like Huskys, Labradors, Jack Russell Terriers and an Old English Sheep Dogs.

The persistence of many, like you, who insist that "these dogs bite different" -- in spite of actual scientific evidence to the contrary, only takes away from the message that we need to be sending parents in these situations -- and that is that you must socialize your dogs with young children.

There is so much great information out there. I personally recommend: -- but sending the message that it is a breed that is at fault is just irresponsible, misleading, and causing other parents to not take the easy, yet necessary steps to be sure their children are safe. Passing along stories based on urban legend, and not reality is not helping the situation.


lets not get our panties in a bunch.

No people who have been convicted of a felony or drug crime, associated with a gang or have anyone living in the house who fits the above...they cant own a dog which weighs over 20 pounds.

Lets start there.

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