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March 22, 2009



This is regarding the article about the DANGEROUS beagle that was shot down by police which said:

"Deputies at the sheriff’s office don’t go around shooting dogs — any animals — unless it is absolutely necessary,” Clinton County Sheriff Ralph D. Fizer Jr. said Monday afternoon. “That’s our policy. In this case it was absolutely necessary. We’d rather do anything than shoot someone’s animal. In this case, the deputy had no choice.”

This is not only completely ABSURD, it is very scary. AC has had to deal w/ aggressive dogs for decades. Even on the dog cop shows, they use(ed) catchpoles for extremely aggressive, abused and neglected pits. (I haven't watched the show in years)

Extremely large and/or powerful dogs like pits, presas, etc that are aggressive and on the loose, may be difficult to handle safely.

But a beagle??? Give us a break. Cops and AC who cannot handle an aggressive beagle without shooting it to death ought to be ashamed and emabarrassed. And extremely apologetic in this case.

The quote from the article is absolutely ridiculous. And it ought to scare every single dog owner. Believing it necessary to shoot a beagle to death is pathetic.

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