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March 09, 2009



Reading stuff like this makes me ill. When "the law" behaves in such an openly sadistic, inhumane manner, how do they can they possibly expect respect? And what kind of an example are they setting? These officers represent the worst in law enforcement.

krissy p.

I have pits for forty years. they are a great breed of canine. pitbulls are a great family dog. although I would not recomend leaving small children by them selfs around this breed of dog. they might acsodently run them over when in playing. they are very powerful dogs. Its to bad that the police draw on these dogs without giving them a pit is a part of my family. he is my son, and I would do anything for my animal.It is the people who fight them that ought to be shot,or thrown in jail then trough away the key. my pit is my heart.

J.C Burns

I live in Vandalia Missouri and I drive past this one place daily and there is this dog off its leash constantly running the streets and when it’s not running the streets it’s being tormented by the two boys that live there. They are on ST Johns st.

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