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March 15, 2009



Take a problem, make it worse. Rinse. Repeat.


I'm a fan of sterilizing most dogs and cats. I think it's ethical and responsible.

It's a bit disingenuous, though, to mandate a procedure and then eliminate programs that facilitate legal compliance.

(I think it's really disingenuous to even mandate spay/neuter under the guise of wanting to "help animals" - time and time again, these unenforceable laws have done nothing of the sort).


I think that was a much needed program and it's a shame that it will be discontinued. But, the real proplem still lies with the irresponsible owners. Is there any means of dictating (not a fan of dictatorship, but...) responsibility with pet owners? Probably not.

Alice Vanderbelt

This is like writing a bad check. The vouchers are already given. The city should make good on them.
I am outraged at the money the City of LA spends on killing dogs and cats instead of spaying. This is a indicator of how those in power thinks of the importance of life and morals.
Civilized humane societies do NOT kill their domestic dogs and cats and use the citizens taxes to do so. They have no right to the word "shelter"; this is fraud. I am fed up with this killing. Who will help me.

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