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March 20, 2009


Dog Lover

aw...very cool. i have a half pit who's the best dog ever.


This is some uplifting news for our times

Overall, These bans really bother me, but proper tracking of incidents and the relative ratio of Pit Bulls owns, vs attacks should show that it's only a small problem, not directly tied to the breed itself, but to bad owners in general. There should be laws, but not restriction on the breed because, like a lot of us out there, my sweet pit bull is the nicest dog - better than my two chihuahuas and NOT NEARLY as mean. They're all great though : )

There's a cute article on about sweet pit bulls - check it out

Not a bad site if you like social stuff


I really want to rescue an American Bulldog Mix and live in Miami...Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks

Brent Toellner


Technically, I believe that an AM. Bulldog Mix would be fine according to Miami-Dade law...however, when it comes to things like this, breed identification is far from an exact science, so your dog could always be mistaken for a 'pit bull'. Without being local down there, I don't have a good feel for how it is enforced (I've seen some place where you wouldn't be at all safe, and others where you'd be just fine). I'd recommend reaching out to a local group down there tha could help guide you. Here's one that I'd recommend:


Hey Rosemary! For what it's worth, there was an episode of that Miami Animal Police show several years back where a guy had his two American Bulldogs confiscated because the idiot officer thought they were 'pit bulls.' As I recall, he even had paperwork of some sort--I dunno if it was a registration or vet records or what--but they didn't back down. The officer was absolutely hysterical, and very sure of himself; and he got his way. Eventually, the owner moved rather than give up his dogs.

I don't know if things have changed there, or if that's even typical, but it was pretty egregious. I guess that's why I remember it after so many years.

I think the dogs in question were Scott ABs, which do tend to look more 'pit bull' like than Johnson type ABs. That might make a difference. On the other hand, that dog deserves a good home no matter what he looks like, so maybe it's worth the risk.

Overall, this is one of the reasons I wouldn't move to an area with BSL no matter what breed of dog I had.


It's brindle coloring...not brendel.

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