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March 17, 2009


Pitties Place

This is fantastic! Didn't Italy ban Corgi's at one point?


Yeah -- I'm pretty sure Corgi's were on the larger list of 92.

KC KS Kills Dogs

Yes Corgis were on the list, because even the Queen of England and her little corgis couldn't visit Italy.


Thanks for posting the link to Save the Pit Bull, Save the World's take on it.

While this is a victory for sure, Katie's comments about the new law echo my concerns exactly!

Pit bull NM

Hey Brent, you may want to take a look at this story:,4670,EUItalyDogAttacks,00.html

As we all know, far too well, one of the many myths associated with Pit bulls is: "when they attack in packs its more dangerous than other breeds in a pack." Or something stupid along those lines.

It's a shame those of us that work to help folks better understand the scenarios in which dogs are more likely to bite are forced to use other's tradgedies to do so.

My heart goes out to the woman in this story, her family, and the other victims of this unruly pack of dogs.



remind me why you'd want a pitbull type dog?
over any other breed? seriously...


Because they really are just other dogs. Fun, unique personalities with a ton of character. You really should take the opportunity to meet a few. Seriously.

Mandie Butcher

Do you know if any information on the imports of Pit-bulls in to Germany will change soon? I am asking becuse we have to soft pitbll crossesnd we wantd to go back to Gerany, but dont want to risk it if we run the risk of having out dogs taken frm us. Thank yo


Mandie -- I have no idea on if there are any changes expected in Germany any time soon.

Rosalba D'Agostino

this is good ! Danimark need learn from Italy ,which Italian don t have restricted law on breed or any others dog. Are the owner the problem not the dogs, and the ignorant -cruel Danimark is killing INNOCENT DOGS FOR NO REASON !


Anybody with two brain cells to run together knows better than to post a link from Fox News and presented as fact. And there's not a thing wrong with pitbulls. I have owned several. I have a pit mix now. They're wonderful, sweet, happy, goofy, loving animals. Keep your ignorance in your prejudice to yourself and if you want to actually provide information you'll have to do better than a link from Fox News.

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