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March 23, 2009



*high five with both front paws*

KC KS Kills Dogs

I LOVE how some of the local city's politicians are now aware of a pet owning public that votes. They are even responding to questions about their stance on AW and AC issues and some are even concerned with those published results on Kansas City Dog Advocate's website "".

Great job!!!


congrats! Good job on such successful advocacy.


KC KS Kills Dogs,
Too bad the ones that were instrumental in repealing the antiquated ordinance in Greenwood are the ones that are being falsely accused of trying to shut down a business in Greenwood. As with any reputable organization I would have hoped the powers that be, would have investigated this allegation a little deeper and what they will find this is a total LIE!!! This lie is nothing more than the fabricated delusions of a raving lunatic. What a shame that the person posting these untruths did not do their due diligence to find out BOTH sides of a story they obviously know nothing about. I am and have ALWAYS been a dog lover and responsible dog owner. I guarantee you – you will NEVER find MY precious dog being left out at night or the in rain, sleet, snow and thunderstorms.
Shame on you for posting such one sided lies on the Greenwood politics tab. I would have expected higher standards from your website. Hopefully you will find out the whole truth and make it right!


Great work KCDA! Another one bites the dust!

Another great example how one passionate citizen and a small group of like-minded passionate folks can rally, educate and work with cities to create better, more effective ordinances. Greenwood is a better place now thanks to your efforts.

Great work!


Great Job! We need more people like you to get involved in their local goverments and voice their opinions. Too often we take the attitude of "it will resolve itself", but it won't. Kudos!



If we have the info on the website wrong -- please let us know! We work really hard to get the best information up there, but we don't claim to be perfect. If there is ever anything on there that is untrue -- please, please, please let us know. We can be reached at [email protected]

And if you don't want to communicate by email, email that address and I can exchange phone numbers with you and we can talk via phone or in person. Our goal is not to "defame" anyone or to necessarily politic for anyone --our goal is to provide the best information for pet owners on how their candidates feel about issues important to pet owners -- which is a majority of the citizens out there.

Laura DeCourcy

If you would like to email me to exchange phone numbers my email is listed below. Again, I find it hard to believe an organization that advocates for such a worthwhile cause would jeprodize it's hard work and credibility based on the one sided lies of a raving, paranoid lunitic.I look forward to talking to you.

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