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March 04, 2009



1. Dog fighting ring leaders- AS IF they would EVER put their money towards an organization that is AGAINST animal cruelty.


2.the fact is-DOGS are ANIMALS. any animal, wild or domestic can bite. ANY DOG CAN BITE. idk why people find that SO hard to understand.

ii mean, COME ON! i live with ALL "dangerous" breeds.
"pit bull"
German shepherd
cattle dog

guess how many fights, bites, atacks, maulings i've had?!?! in 6years...?!?!


and they all live with a 15lbs pom.

That should tell you something...


I wonder if Nelson's statements aren't actually libelous, since he is basically accusing the Coalition of a crime (supporting dogfighting).

I'd love to see them go after him, or at least use his beyond-ludicrous statements as an opportunity to communicate with the City Council. They should at a minimum demand a public apology.

Brent, I hope you're right that his attack on HSUS (of all things) is a sign of desperation, born of knowing the tide is turning against him. How I wish I could believe the tide is turning in Denver as it is elsewhere.


Those societal mainstays of charitable donations - "leaders of dogfighting rings". I just knew they were secret do-gooders. What a clever disguise.


I just can't imagine how this can not be devastating for him. I mean, I just can't imagine it. He has basically implied that HSUS is taking donations from dog fighters and that's why they oppose BSL. Well, that's absurd.

But he then went so far as to accuse the coalition of getting $$ from dog fighters. These are the vets and animal control officers in the communities that did the study. I just can't imagine anyone would not look at those statements, read them, and think, that's the most insane thing I've read in weeks.

There is no way for him to not look like a complete nut-job with those statements. I may be wrong -- and it may be meaningless. But I just can't imagine a scenerio where anyone could take the guy seriously at this point...and he's the only real ringleader for BSL in that part of the woods.


These organizations need to clean his clock with this...nothing will happen if they don't make a stink. We can all complain and talk amongst ourselves about him being a complete whackjob...but the AW world already knows this.

Wendy Russell Trivette

You can rest assured I will NEVER step foot in Denver...EVER...disgusting people!

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