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March 27, 2009


Pitties Place

I just wanted to point out that state law does not require owning no more than 1 'pit bull', altering and muzzling. State law requires proper confinement, $100,000 liability insurance, no debarking, muzzling is required only under certain circumstances and requires the use of a chain leash.

Sue Cosby

Just a quick correction. The ASPCA, although a national organization as far as assisting other shelters, influencing local policy (and fundraising!!) is not affiliated or associated in any way with local SPCA's in any area of the country other than New York City.

There is only one ASPCA and there are many other independent SPCA's. The only thing that the rest of these organizations have in common is the name. Some perform animal control, some perform law enforcement, some shelter, some don't, some are "limited admission", some are "open admission", some are "no kill" some are not.

It's an important distinction that people need to be aware of. When they see the tv commercials and send in the money - that money goes to the ASPCA in NYC, not the local SPCA down the street. That's not to say people wouldn't want to give to the ASPCA but they should know where their money is going.


PP -- thanks for the clarification. I went back to an email someone sent me with the clarification on it and I completely misread the email. I've made the change above. Sue, thanks for the correction. In my head I always add the "a" in the SPCA whether it deserves to be there or no (I blame Animal cops). Unfortunately I typed it this time also.


If you haven't already, you should send this blog entry to news stations in Ohio. As an Ohio resident, I couldn't agree more with what you're saying. This information deserves to be seen!


I would like to send this to Tyrone Yates & cronies who have indicated that they are in opposition to OH HB79 (remove PB from ORC) because it is a tool in the city's war on drugs. They have stated that the dogs show them where the drugs are. The Cleveland Reps are opposed to the bill too. Civil Liberties, what are those?

Pitties Place

Perhaps if enough of these officials continue making their statements regarding needing this law to target potential criminals, or to find the drugs, the ACLU might take an interest?


As someone that lives in Ohio (Columbus), I can tell you the entire city of Cincinnati is whack when it comes to pretty much anything. Personally, I wish we could just give Cincy to Kentucky and be done with it.


I USED to live in Cincinnati, thank god no more...EVER!! It is one ass backward town, most of the people are extremely ignorant and it is about 5 years behind the rest of the country. There are no "bad" dogs...only bad owners.

Gretchen Uno

Cincinnati is my birth city but I have not lived there for years.I'm now living in Texarkana,Ar. and I thought our city council was lacking in common sense but Cincy has it beat by a long shot. Good God, where did their logic go, down the river to N.O.?

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