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March 27, 2009



I initially skipped over this entry because I thought I'd accidentally jumped back to the post on the OTHER tot that was killed. [sigh] I presume the dog is pregnant by whatever male(s) wandered into her chain radius when she was in heat. And I'm guessing these pups would have been given away "free to good home" and if not all taken by 6 weeks of age, dumped at the pound. Now I suppose the dam will be killed and all the pups along with her. Totally predictable and preventable tragedy.


I live in Austin and I am furious that more hasn't been done to cover the NUMEROUS risk factors that likely led to this tragedy. Pregnant, intact, chained, strange, non-family pet... that in and of itself would be enough to give me pause. Combine that with a poorly-supervised, curious child and it was an absolute recipe for disaster.

The dog's owner (who didn't even live at the home where the dog was being kept) signed a voluntary euthanasia order, so the dam and the puppies will all be killed (if they haven't already).

I think it is great that someone is finally reporting the correct information and showing how "out of reality" the media's stories are. I have been getting angry about the LACK OF FOLLOW UP on all the stories reported by the media for the last year. Goes to show how inadequate the reporters are at doing their JOB. I found an American Staffordshire Terrier from the street, he is mine now. It is MY RESPONSIBILITY to ensure his & everyone else' safety. I've been roun' children all my life, never feel asleep with infant loose. DUH!!!

Heather Johnson

It is not the correct information. His name was Tyson James Miller JR.
negligence homicide is the charge.
and unless you have actually spoke to her yourself you do not know of how she had checked on him multiple times. his blanket was over him every time she checked and one of the times she went in and stared at the face of an angel that he had. and when she had checked on him after that his blanket was still in the same shape of him. there was no way that ANYONE can judge her or understand what she is and has been going through. When you lose the life of your world, then you can judge but until that fateful day happens to you, you have absolutely no right to blame and judge someone who has already lost her everything. Can you not even think of his sister? How much she and his mother and all of their family must be in pain? and on today of all days, today is the day that it is marked on the hearts of many that knew him, it is marked as the day the sun burned out. the day everyone who knew him lost the light of their lives. lost the one smile that can help through everything and anything. You have no idea what these people must be going through even now..



With all due respect, I think most people have suffered tremendous losses in our lives - and know the pain that comes with losing someone we care about deeply. I'm sure the pain is deep...and I do feel sorry for them and their loss.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to provide a resource that discussed the actual circumstances behind tragedies like this one so that others can learn from the cases and understand what led up to the attack so such attacks can be prevented in the future.

And in this case, the circumstances appear pretty clear about what led up to the tragedy. And you are right, the judging is probably best left up to the courts.


With all due respect, you were not there and did not speak to any of the members of the family or what happened on that day. You did not supply the right facts or circumstances of what happened. Please if you are going to start a blog then supply the right information or you can/have hurt the people that lost him.

The Aunt


Heather, everything I've supplied has been straight out of the media. I confess, that I don't hold many in the media in high regard and realize they often miscommunicate details (or whole realities). It is not my intent to mislead -- but I am somewhat at the mercy of what information is made available. If I am wrong, please tell the story and set the record straight.

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