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February 27, 2009


KC KS Kills Dogs

Yeah Westland, MI! I think I'll check out their job and housing market, might be time to move somewhere saner.

We have elections in Kanas City, KS with several new candidates running for city commissioners and even an opponent to the Mayor. For all KC Kansas folks that read this blog, get out and VOTE. Primary Tues March 3rd, Main Election April 7th.

We need to vote in a city council that listens to reason like Westland, MI.


Good stuff! Thanks for posting!


This is GREAT news. Next week, a vote is upcoming on second reading in Gallipolis, OH to ban pit bulls completely. This will be additional, great evidence that BSL does not work.


Gee... sounds so simple why dind't I think of that.. ;)

Russell Craig

I live next door to a neighbor with a "Lab" that barks 24/7. I have talked to them about the dog with some notable let up for about a hour then it's back to barking. I do not want to call the City on it just yet, would rather try to solve it with the neighbor. However, now I have neighbors' across the street coming to me saying it is my responsibility to get the dog to quite barking because I'm living next door, never heard of this before since it isn't my dog. I would appreciate any help on this matter you can give me. My e-mail is [email protected] Thank You

Patricia Graham

Our young neighbor that shares our backyard fence has a rescue pit bull young dog. The fencing is old and there is an opening that the dog got his head through onto our property.,Our grown daughter, who is a dog lover, approached the dog to have it go back into its yard and the dog growled at her. Our daughter is a dog person, owning throughout her life, many labs. She presently has a spaniel. Never has a dog growled at her. She is concerned for us as we are elderly. The dog owner put up chicken fence wiring only to have this dog
rip it down. We are trying to contact this neighbor but not successful. I am deathly afraid of this dog. What can you advise? Thank you!

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