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February 22, 2009



Cincinattie == There is a really big point that people are overlooking...this is a SPCA!!! A TAX DEDUCTIBLE agency claiming to be the voice of abused animals. This agency is KILLING pets on behalf of ignorant legislation and taking DONATIONS to do it.

Nebraska Humane Society is doing the same in Omaha. These are tax exempt orgs - and its time to bring them down. They are liars, hypocrits and murderers...and they are taking charitable donations to carry kill pets.


I honestly don't feel sorry for children (or their parents) who get mauled by dogs because they are bugging the dogs. I had dogs growing up and we knew not to pull their tails and fur or walk up and try to pet them without asking or letting them smell our hand.
Like pet owners, parents need to be responsible for their children.

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