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February 09, 2009



Do you think the other two dog bites would have even made the local news if this incident involving a "pit bull" happened? Of course not. Last summer during the previous height of pit bull mania here in Omaha, OWH and other local outlets even ran stories when a scratch involved a pit bull. Here you have an infant whose ribs get fractured, and a child who required stitches to a face bite, and they get a few seconds mention on the local evening news after a 5 minute segment on the pit bull attack, even including 911 call tapes. The Media continues to do a great job at building the fear.


I would like to urge everyone to write these news stations and complain.


Michelle, please tell me how you might respond. Please see the dog's photo in the link. I have pasted my email and the reply that I received below. Just so you'll know, I feel as if I have been literally slapped up side the head, as I have been treated like a useless idiot by this 'journalist'. I intentionally left her address in this post. I'm good at complaining, but I really wanna BITE this one.

My email in its entirety (altho I also commented online) :

QUOTE: "Please print a retraction, or written correction. You have published false information."

Reply. QUOTE:
"Thank you for your recent email.

While I appreciate your concern about the recent article in the Jackson Sun, we printed the story based on the information we were given. The police, the dog's owner and rabies control director had all identified the dog in question as a pit bull.

The article certainly was not intended to malign pit bulls or to wrongfully blame a pit bull for the attack. Under the circumstances, we were simply using the information we had been given from multiple sources.


Mariann Martin
The Jackson Sun
(fax) 425-9639"


I find this LIE very hard to believe.
See dog's photo

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