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February 18, 2009



Remember when the Vick dogs were monsters/killing machines/unfit to live? Now they're just the product of some bumbling athlete who'd better not quit his day job. Funny how time changes things.


At least Goodwin and H$U$ have been caught red handed LYING in print - the more they say the more they dig their own grave.

B-More Bulldogs

I wish it were true that the more they say the more they are digging their own grave--unfortunately, very few people get word of this kind of news. All they really hear about is the anti-dog fighting crusades they HSUS orchestrates and how they brought down the big, bad dog fighters. Very few media outlets will really capture or report the details about the dogs' fates . . . that kind of information conveniently falls through the cracks. And the HSUS lives to ride another day.



I think historically you are correct. However, I think the dynamic is changing a bit. Before, the only people who would have noticed or cared about this were the 'pit bull people" and would have been either quickly dismissed or never even heard about by the general animal welfare population.

However, this has drawn a lot of ire from Winograd (who has amazing support among the shelter and recue worlds) as well as of Best Friends -- who has been growing hugely in popularity over the past 2-3 years -- especially following the launch of their TV show.

They're messages are being heard loud and clear in general animal welfare, shelters, and even among the cat's not just us shouting the message to each other any more.

Brian Cluxton

I think the tide is turning as well. The truth about HSUS is slowly getting out there. And I believe social networking sites can be a huge part of this as well. I've been using Facebook for a while and Twitter more recently to get the word out to people about these issues (please consider doing the same). Everyone I've encountered is appalled when they find out the truth about HSUS - especially the bullshit they pulled with the Vick dogs. Enough messing around, trying to get HSUS to play along - we need to take them down as much as possible.


"Every time HSUS defends killing, their antiquated, regressive viewpoints are not only harmful to animals, they make HSUS more and more irrelevant to animal sheltering and more and more despised by those who truly love animals. And they become more out of touch with public sentiment. "

Couldn't have said it better myself...and I truly believe that this will bring about either a new direction from the HSUS (possibly under new leadership) or they'll start to see a decline in those willing to work with them (and once the shelter folks turn their backs, legislators will follow.)


I wonder if Goodwin even realizes what an idiot he sounds like. Sheesh...

Agreed, Brian --- keep getting the word out.

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