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February 16, 2009


Robert Garnett

When I first started walking dogs at our shelter I was uncomfortable about walking "Pit Bulls" but I was going to walk every dog in the shelter(an equal opportunity walker so to speak). I quickly found out that the best most loving dogs to walk were those people referred to as "Pit Bulls" So much for being brain washed by the press and not checking for myself.

Brian Cluxton

Brent - great post. Which shelter in Ohio is that?


Actually, you have the story a little wrong. We did research and decided AGAINST getting a pit bull based on all the "worst case scenario" information given by the rescue. And when I told one of the rescuers that she said "Good" - how is that for saving lives!

We got Grommit instead - the GSD mix that "could be worse" depending on what he was mixed with. And when SweetP came along she was in such bad shape we had to take her in - although we were still worried. We learned better and SweetP never left.

Not that all the information was bad. We do not leave SweetP and Stella out together when we're not there. But we've learned who are dogs are based on each individual dogs personality and limits - not on the worst case scenario. For all the "Punish the deed not the breed" rhetoric very few breed enthusiasts treat them that way. And not just "pit bull" enthusiast - most "breed" people are pretty persnickity thinking THEIR breed is so much more in need of special consideration.

They're dogs people.


Great example that all the hard work is starting to yeild results...some days this stuff seems overwhelming and impossible - so thanks for putting in focus, Brent.


Good post, Brent. Goes to show that all the work is paying off for the dogs.


Great post!

I was a little leery of 'pit bulls' for awhile too - even though along with Rottweilers, they were the most popular dogs in my old neighbourhood.

Now, imagine you've never seen one and aren't a dog person. It's impossible not to be nervous, thanks to our noble media and you-know-who.

The shelter is to be commended. I agree with Donovan, I think all the hard work by so many people in so many areas is finally starting to 'take'.

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