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February 24, 2009



Hmmmm, whoever your friend was that loaned you the puppy must be super cool!


How fabulous that they all had fun. My boy loves the little ones of all species. Especially at nap time!


I want that puppy right now but I think Stella has first dibs.

Adorable pictures of a great bunch of dogs. Nice full frontal shot at the end - is that what they look like just before they turn on their owners?


Oh man, I want them all!

KC KS Kills Dogs

Brent thanks for sharing such WONDERFUL pics of the dogs. I love following Boomer's progress.


how super sweet!
such a wonderful tonic to a week of bad news.
thanks for sharing


I, too, appreciate the update on Boomer. These are the most beautiful photos I have seen in a loooooong time! (Course, that's because I have such an affinity for blood and violence and that is why I love photos of pits). I think these photos prove beyond a doubt that pits are inherently dangerous.

Seriously, I wish these photos could make their way all over the world! However, sadly, they're too sweet, precious, fun, funny and nice. Don't want that kind of crap in the media, oh.... no.....

Brent and Michelle, all this hard work you are doing is helping to change perceptions and false premises, one adorable dog at a time. Thanks for taking the time to share all of this!




Thanks all -- yeah, we had a fun weekend with Gigi and our gang. And yes, Emily, I have been getting some feedback that my blog is a little "heavy" sometimes -- and that maybe a little something to lighten things up from time to time would be a nice break. Not that this is going to become a photo blog by any stretch, but I think I'll so some more stuff like this regularly just to remind us all why we fight for our dogs in the first place -- because they're fun.


It must've been tough to give Gigi up at the end of the weekend. Tough for her too cuz it looked like she had a blast. I guess this means more doggie play dates?

I think it's great you put up pix of your dogs and especially of Boomer's progress. It personalizes the battle for fairness and the personal touches us most.


HELLOOOO PETA and HSUS, regarding these photos: This is exactly the way our companion dogs are meant to live.


Terrific, adorable pics.


OMG!!! I just love the Stella Mini-me one! You couldn't have posed them better. The belly shot at the end reminds me of my Ruby, she's always flashing the spread-eagle crotch shot at us! All these pics are great!

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