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February 25, 2009



oh please please please let Skeldon, like HSUS, have killed a "dog too far" and FINALLY get what he deserves


"One of the questions I have is if it is proper to shoot a tranquilizer dart at a 10 pound dog," said Konop.

How is it proper to shoot a 10 lb dog with anything? How proper is it to shoot ANY dog cornered and cowering on its front porch?

Skeldon's ignorant, brutal INSANITY aside, these wardens must be held responsible for this murder, REGARDLESS of policy. If they are too stupid to understand how to properly use a tranquilizer gun IN AN EMERGENCY, then they should not carry them at all. And in this case, they should have been trained AND MAN enough to properly handle a little dog until 'PROPERLY' released to its owner.

Sickening and inexcusable. What freaking cowards.


I am so sorry, I neglected to offer my deepest sympathies to the owner of this dog. I cannot imagine the anger, feelings of helplessness and betrayal that this owner must have suffered at the hands of the city in which he abides by the law and pays taxes to support Animal Control.


Tom "the media whore" Skeldon declined opportunity to comment to the media about the investigation.

Tom not opening his yap? That must be a first.


I seriously think Skeldon has mental issues. What kind of sick fuck gets off on killing animals like this? What NORMAL person would not only take this kind of job but PUSH for the ability to kill more animals!? BTK was an AC officer too.

My co-worker was neighbors with John Robinson as a kid. He also killed animals before moving on to people.

I'm not implying Skeldon is a serial killer of humans but c'mon, he's leading a pack of psychopath dog killers.

Vote his relative off city commision while you're at it. KEEP FIGHTING OHIO!!


Currently employed 'dog wardens' who commit needless killings like this, under Skeldon, need to go as well. They are as devoid of common sense, compassion, and human decency as he is. There could not have been any harm to their positions if they had held this dog until its owner took over.

If your boss is demanding that you commit such senseless, irrational, immoral acts, then you must stand up to him and question him.


I'm a local vet tech in the area and have dealt and heard stories about Skeldon. I have to remain anonymous so I can keep my job. But the dog that was killed did not die right away. It was brought back to the pound, not given any reversal medication, and took over an hour to die. I'm not certain what he used but most of our modern traqs have a drug you can give to quickly reverse them. Not only that using a dart on a 10 to 15 pound dog is a sure thing to kill it. Those darts are all loaded to take down 60 pound dogs and higher. But this is not the only issue I have with this man.

He does not scan for microchips. You scan an animal, get a number and call and get the home number. Not that difficult. Nor does he look up tags on animals that come in. It's another simple process, in fact Lucas county made a program that most area vets have. You enter the tag number, you get all the information about the owner. This is why you register your dog with the county, so if your dog is lost you can be reunited. I've done it several times myself. I had a client that lost a dog, who had tags on it, and was taken to the pound. The owner called and gave the description of the dog, even the tag numbers. He was told just to come to the pound. They did not tell him if that type of dog was even there, nor did they bother looking. The dog was there of course, with the tags still on even. It makes one wonder how many dogs are killed, with tags and very capable of being returned to their owners, after the three day holding period. And why bother to register your dog when the very reason you do so the dog warden doesn't bother doing?

Another case. A woman adopted an older dog from the pound. She was told it was in good health but when she got home the dog was urinating blood. X-rays revealed that the dog had bladder stones. This is not a condition that crops up overnight. The woman called the warden up and asked for assistance, as the dog would require surgery. He refused and demanded she bring the dog back so he could take care of 'it'. She of course argued with him and throughout the whole conversation kept referring to the dog as it instead of she or by her name. It just shows how this man cares nothing for the animals he 'cares' for and makes me wonder if he's just working the job for the sick pleasure of euthanizing animals. In the end the owner paid for the surgery herself and the dog is now very happy and healthy.

One of our local rescues attempts to save dogs from the warden. Often times he will lie about the dog's temperament, sex, and even breed. It's a little frustrating when you go to pick up a poodle and get a rottweiler instead.

In short this man should not have this job. And the committee? Not going to change a thing. All the people on the committee have close ties to the Skeldon family and nothing will be changed. I understand Dr. Johnson is on the list but she has too many issues to deal with at the Humane Society to be effective. Such as sick and untreated cats being adopted out and I'm certain come summer we'll see dogs adopted out with the deadly parvo virus.

Please oust this man from office. I hate to think how many animals he kills just out of spite.


Thanks for the note. Sadly, none of the stories are a surprise to me. They just bring sadness.

This is why the people want him out.

I've heard from multiple sources the same thing about the committee -- that it got stacked in his favor.

The county council chose the committee. If all the pet owners in the county band together, they have the power to get a different set of commissioners in office. People who care to make a difference vs protecting their buddy.

It's time for the folks in Lucas County to get organized, step up, and take back control of the city and the officials they elect. It's tough work. But vitally important.

This isn't a 'pit bull' thing. It's about humanely handling the duties of animal control -- and making an animal shelter a "shelter" instead of a death chamber.


Do not be fooled by Ben Konop comments. He acts like he cares, but he is just getting ready to run for mayor of Toledo. Ten of the eleven members of the new committee all live in Toledo. It was supposed to be a LUCAS COUNTY board and 10 from Toledo makes it a Toledo board. I have the list of the applicants and there were qualified applicants from the surrounding suburbs. Dale Emch (dog bite attorney) has no business being on there. Neither does the Toledo city councilwoman Wilma Brown who proposed the mandatory spay/neuter ordinance for pitbulls. Talk about conflict of interest. Sadly though when I asked people to send letters to the commissioners we only got a few sent. Perhaps people have forgotten that bsl surged because of Skeldon and his lies during the Tellings cases.


Anonymous said, "the dog that was killed did not die right away. It was brought back to the pound, not given any reversal medication, and took over an hour to die".

This makes me physically sick. There is seriously something wrong w/ every single employee here. And obviously, Skeldon is an animal hater/abuser who needs to be fired on the basis of this description alone.


For Anonymous [in Toledo].
Thank you for that [disturbing] information. While I understand your desire to keep your job, it would be very helpful if you sent an anonymous letter to the newspaper so all the animal lovers could hear the truth and vote against all political ties and supporters of Skelton.



I sent this same info to the Blade, Ben Knopp and several others. To say the least I'm a bit ticked off at the 'warden'. Hopefully someone will publish it or at least make the info common knowledge.

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