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February 05, 2009


KC KS Kills Dogs

Wooh Hoo!! This is great. I know of several people from the KCMO area that will LOVE to volunteer and support this new shelter arrangement.

Not only is this good for KCMO, but the surrounding cities. If the shelter under new management is a success, other cities will have a very valuable model, to emulate.


Sounds great, good luck guys!


Steckelberg has a wonderful reputation and I agree, this facility has nowhere to go but up. However, I do see one drawback in this plan. With KC moving toward no-kill, why partner with a kill facilty like Wayside Waifs? WW still uses temperament testing to determine whether an animal will live or die upon intake into their facility (read ) Imagine being scared and stressed and coming into an unfamiliar environment. You meet a stranger who asks you to do things that you may or may not understand. An inappropriate response causes you to fail. There is no 2nd chance. Your life is over.

We have some good no-kill, progressive shelters in the metropolitan area. Why not partner with them? What exactly does partner with WW mean? Will WW be taking some animals over to WW? They may have a better chance at survival staying with the new KC shelter...


I hear ya Ricky. I agree that I'd much rather see them partner with someone like Animal Haven vs Wayside...but I definitely think this is a step in the right direction. Not perfect...but moving the right direction anyway.

Brad Jensen

While Dr. Steckelberg may have a great reputation and be someone who's truly dedicated to doing things right by animals, I would feel a little more at ease about this venture into privatization knowing that you folks are somehow guaranteed public oversight. And if your tax-dollars continue to fund these mandatory services, that there be some form of accountability to you directly. So rather than say... I would love to see bullet point #1 included in the contract agreement, I'd be more inclined to say... this is something we should expect.

Best wishes and good luck with this new partnership!! I mean that sincerely.

Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA



We're working on it. The first public hearing on the matter will be next week. We'll make the desire very well known. I think most of the time writing the public oversight in is an oversight on the part of the drafters of the contract. It only makes sense that the info would be made public (we're paying for it afterall). If they balked at providing that, it will send a very bad sign that they are trying to hide something. I think we'd still be able to get this through the state attorney general (city contracts cannot override state sunshine laws), but it will be cleaner and more comforting if we can just get it written in up front.

Brad Jensen

Good to hear Brent. I think oversight and accountability will help ensure the changes made by Dr. Steckelberg continue and are adhered to in the future regardless of who's running the shelter.

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