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February 03, 2009



What frustrates me is that the girl didn't suffer any bite wounds. She had bruising and a minor cut on the inside of her mouth.

The real story is the father and his negligence. I guess stupid parenting just isn't quite so sexy as pit bulls not mauling someone.


Exactly, Rinalia.

As Marjorie said so well, "When it's another kind of dog, it's anything but the breed. When it's a 'pit bull', it's nothing but the breed."

Usually when these media stories start piling up, especially when they are trivial in terms of the dogs, a ban is in the works. It's a good leading indicator that somebody has been lobbying.

It also happens when a lawsuit is underway.

Or, the scheduled Fear O' the Day hasn't come down the newswire yet and it's press time.

Yes, media guys, you are very predictable.

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