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February 23, 2009



The vid images didn't show the puppies attacking and drawing blood as the HSUS claimed. Nor did it show the pups housed in individual cages due to their aggression as the HSUS claimed.


I wish I hadn't hit the Fox link. Those are some mean-looking puppies, alright. And the adults - scary.

I read a post on a forum where the writer said he'd seen the puppies and what Goodwin said about having to kennel them separately was BS. Hard to believe that a convicted felon would iie, I know, but that's the word on the street.


Thanks for the video link. It was with trepidation that I clicked on it but I'm glad it was a fairly balanced news report and it put a face to the victims - well, some of them anyway.


I have no hope that HSUS will change, even if "no kill is where the money is" (which is basically the defense that GinaS makes for them.)

Their entire organization's egos and reason for being are tied to their "fighting dogs are dangerous" mantra. It's an integral part of their campaign against dogfighting. Somehow, it's not enough to (rightly) demonize dogfighters.. (though of course one of the famous "godfathers" was found innocent by a jury. Boudreaux certainly WAS a dogfighter and raised "gamebred" dogs.. but despite all of HSUS efforts, they couldn't convince a jury).

For them to justify ginning up anti-dogfighting and anti-pit bull hysteria, the dogs must be demonized as well.


I think it's also fair to point out that the laws need as much changing as HSUS. These type of laws need to have discretionary measures in them to permit for the fair and balanced evaluation of dogs confiscated from fighting operations. Instead, they allow for the blanket killing of dogs regardless of temperament.


I PERSONALLY own a Wildside dog. She is my five year old special needs daughter, and my 12 year old son's ''little sister'', as well living with three other pit bulls, a cat and two bunnies and is the BIGGEST baby ever! I've handled easily over 200 pit bulls in the past 17 years of being involved in the breed, rescue, etc.... so I'm no newbie. The HSUS have their own agenda, and it isn't what most people think it is.


Yeah. Those baby puppies looked downright murderous. Uh huh.


Oh, my heart hurts after watching that video. What a terrible waste, what a terrible thing to happen to those poor victims. That was a painful thing to see.


oh yeah, we believe them now...


HSUS is animal rights. They play a good game of media mishmash and sugar coating that rotten core. HSUS has probably killed thousands of dogs in past years,they go out on raids every week (they admit that)but the question remains. If they are not animal rights then why are they helping to pass anti-pet laws nationwide? and animal rescues are included. Not excluded.Welfare warriors seem to want to believe HSUS but HSUS has no credibility. One reading of the Louisville lawsuit proves that. I hadn't read Nathan's blurb until now, but Nathan is right. HSUS could have easily said the dogs could be tested. The reason that was not done was likely due to HSUS telling the county beforehand--that HSUS would advise they be killed so the county wouldn't have to pay for it. And that's in the letter HSUS sent out to those who are mad at HSUS. HSUS claims they can't get permission to do the raids if testing is done because the county can't afford it.Then why doesn't HSUS PAY for it? Answer: Because HSUS knows that dead dogs tell no tales.


Does H$U$ REALLY think we believe they were organizing this meeting before the bust? If so, it actually makes the fact they stood up there and lobbyied for the dogs to be killed even MORE disgusting.

SK - exactly...why didn't H$U$ use their multi-million dollar bank account to save some of these dogs. They could have had their own "Vick dogs" and used it to raise even more money. The evidence sure points to them wanting the dogs DEAD, end of story.

I don't think I could be more sick about hearing about dog fighting. I'm done with the over blown hysteria and AR propaganda. All the dog fighters in this country can't hold a candle to how many pit bulls are killed in our city shelters every year.


RIGHT on, Michelle! Exactly!


HSUS has issued an interim release, that further dogs will be tested; however, I think it's about 1,000 dogs too late for that nonsense. HSUS is too much about misleading,that's been the case for quite awhile. Once the alleged testing starts to cut into HSUS donations,how many raids will they do then? Another case may be ended in March from LA, those dogs were killed in advance as well. I think 145. Once the case is done/or owner acquitted,I think the HSUS dog thing is on its last leg. That guy had a $45,000 kennel and it was/is beautiful;nice house/swimming pool.Ditto for the dogs.HSUS killed all of them.


You would have THOUGHT HSUS would have gotten a CLUE from the Michael Vick dog story. If they had just a lick of sense and just a wee bit of true compassion, they would have learned more about what the public wants to see. Goes to prove that their own agenda is all that matters.

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