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February 19, 2009



Thanks so much for your support of pit bulls and Animal Haven!


Also useful that they've documented how well he's settled in his new home since one of the arguments often put against keeping hard to place dogs long-term is the claim that they inevitably become disturbed and will be impossible to rehome even if a willing adopter is eventually found.


Animal Haven does a great job with even their long-term resident dogs. They have a good number of outside kennels, their owns psuedo dog-park, and they are right next to a great walking trail (about 5 miles worth) that volunteers often take the dogs out on...

It is definitely not a "hoarding" type of situation. While their facilities aren't as nice as some shelters, most of the dogs there get more attention than they do in a lot of homes...

KC KS Kills Dogs

Hooray for Gramby!! Kudos to Animal Haven for working so hard at rehoming dogs/cats and educating the community.

Animal Haven has a great team of employees and volunteers, that work miracles in a tiny outdated building.

It's a shame this shelter is housed in one of the top 5 richest counties in the USA and yet the county hasn't built them a better facility, they have the money. Animal Haven is the intake facility for many of the suburbs in Johnson County, and truly works hard at "no kill".

If you have some spare money this is a great place to send it, your money will definitely be put to good use.


Good point KCK - Animal Haven is a perfect example that you don't need a shiney new facility to still run a shelter operation the right way -- although I do hope they get a new and improved shelter soon.


Ralphie wants his Doggles!

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