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February 05, 2009



"The dog apparently had a biting history and is regularly left out unattended".

That one short sentence says it all for me. Once again, irresponsible dog ownership puts others at risk, and condemns a dog to death. When will people - especially the media - realize that neither the dogs themselves, or their breeds, are to blame for such incidents? Here in the UK, Rottweilers and Staffordshire bull terriers are the media's favorite canine betes noires at the moment, and often, even fairly minor incidents hit the national press, if they involve a Rottie or a Staffie.


This is a terrific entry in our 'pit bull' sweepstakes.

I'd love to see this in a big paper.


So, NewsNet5 in OH posted this story on February 5th as something like, Dog Bites Kid on Bus Today, they reposted the story as Pit Bull Attacks Boy on Bus. This is unbelievable...

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