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February 19, 2009



Great post, Brent. Another "pit bull" was shot and killed by police officers in Oregon this week, and I'm glad to see that this disturbing trend is getting more negative attention.


As a society, we are continually evolving. Compare a visit to the dentist 30 years ago vs. today as an example. But somehow, many animal control agencies, and the attitudes of law enforcement and people in general, are stuck in a time warp when it comes to pets. Personal responsibility, compassion and kindness: They aren't just for the dentist anymore!


OH residents keep fighting this serial killer!

I think its time for civil disobedience. March on city hall and DEMAND ACTION!


This incident is sickening beyond words. I can't stand the image that is stuck in my head.

weight limit? Why in the world was this dog even shot w/ the tranqu???


Skeldon's gotta go! He's about 20 years past his sell-by date.

KC KS Kills Dogs

Skeldon needs to be booted out, who is gonna make the first kick?


I think we need to enforce/create better laws in these situations. Why arent dogs lives held with the same value/importance as humans? I think the shooter should be put on trial and sent to jail. Plain and simple. My dogs are like family members. Yes they are dogs first and foremost, but they are still members of my family. If someone shot my human child or my canine family member, I would want the same justice for either. For an animal that shows such loyalty and unconditional love, our society should be treating them alot better. They certainly deserve it.

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