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February 02, 2009



Is it really possible that breed identification is not even attempted in many of these dog attack cases? Instead a bigger dog that attacks is immediately identified as a pit bull, no matter what it is. The newspaper loves it since they can get the clicks on their story. The fear mongers love it since they can say see another one of those, them there, killer dogs causing big ole problems again. Can we use this to our advantage in some way? HMMMMM....


Great post, Brent.

'Breed' is usually identified by bystanders, animal control or the victim. I'm sure the reporters nudge them in that direction as well.

Basically any mutt is a 'pit bull' in media. I wish they'd run pics every time but they rarely do, unfortunately. We should all be scooping them up when available.

Miniature Doberman - that's the second time I've heard about that in a news story but I've never seen one myself :>)


Regarding Council Bluffs, they obviously have a HUGE incentive to now purposely mis-identify dogs they would have previously named a "pit bull" as no longer a pit bull when there is a dog bite. So as to make their numbers look better and seem that their pointless legislation actually did anything to make their community safer.


Did you see this one? The Aussies picked it up (sigh), they say it's a Bulldog, don't know if this is a file pic or not, they're always vague that way:


"Unofficial Wactchdog"?

the typo watchdog


2 1/2 years I've been online and no-one has pointed that out to me?! I'm now just a watchdog...

Selma - -that HAS to be a file way the Aussies got an exclusive pic that no one here has published.


File photo of an English Bulldog...

Barry McKenzie

I dunno, those Ozmen are pretty intrepid, mate! Nevah say die, Bruce! Moight a hedda Sheila in the billabong coming the raw prawn that snepped the ol' gehl while she was et it then blahsted the pics into the ol' Aitch Queue jist as they was hevin' their furst Oice Ceold Fostah's o' tha day.

Or Not.

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