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February 01, 2009



Regarding the very first story:

Interesting looking pit bull???


Um, yeah. As I noted above, the public isn't very good at Breed Idenification. This would be an excellent "exhibit a".


ROFL! That must be one o' them thar' new double-coated winterized 'pit bulls'.


It makes me so mad when I hear about cops shooting dogs at someone's door just because the dog barks or sometimes just because the dog is there. I've heard too many stories about innocent dogs being killed. They aren't even given a chance.


You left out the best part of the cock fighters story. He agreed to pay $45,000 to the Johnson County sheriff’s department for the cost of the investigation. HE BOUGHT HIS WAY OUT OF TROUBLE!!! He basicalled paid off the cops - WHAT country do we live in again?


I liked the Fort Worth story, 8oo violations in 4 days. That sounds like a minimum of $40,000 being generated for the city, with all the fines.

If they can keep that pace up through every neighborhood which has pit bulls (kidding) they will not only make the hood safer but they will also justify their jobs with a little ROI on the back end.


Seems more to me like they haven't been even close to doing their jobs over the past couple of years and are making up for lost time.


Agreed......Have you ever seen city employees work?

I was a city employee for one day. The day started with a coffee break, and we had coffe breaks ever 20 minutes.

My dad worked for the City, (I mean the only one who worked), you would not believe the mismanagement involved on the public pay roll.

How hard is if for the dog catcher to say I am going out looking for stray dogs and be gone for 7 hours.

Which is why more dog catchers are not going to solve the problem. You need better laws with more bite, to force people to want to follow the law.

Its obvious that someone lit a fire under someone's ass and that's why they are all of a sudden doing their job.

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