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January 11, 2009



ok, so from not doing any research- i thought PETA was good.-

from reading your blogs-obviously they are not. I suppose i could research them, but i'd rather not.

Hearing said PETA does not encourage "guide dogs" or DOES encourage rescued dogs to be euthanized-I have to say they are not WORTH my time to even read one word about.

Oh, and the White "PIT BULL" with the cropped tail-is one of the WORST breed identifications i've ever seen.

Breed BANS with NO Grandfather Clause's are just becoming Closer and CLOSER to my city..

There should be some sort of MONTHLY "ROVERlution" imitation in the area. Once a year is great! But once a month? That would be even better.



I'm usually one to tell people to do their own research and not take anyone's word for anything without doing their own research first. But with that said, I wouldn't waste a lot of time on PeTA. They really aren't a good organization...somehow they have developed a reputation for being a good animal rights organization...but if people really knew their stances (and actions) on things, they'd really see them more as a lunatic fringe group. The nutshell of it is that they don't think humans should use animals for ANY purpose. So not for food, clothing, working purposes or entertainment. The "entertainment" portion includes not only things like zoos and circuses (I can see where they're coming from on circuses), but also for our own enjoyment as pets -- ie, they really don't believe in pet ownership because they think it is unfair to the animals. (My dogs would differ and would think any other life would be unfair, but that's their view on it).

Those actions, along with the killing of virtually every animal they come in contact with, along with the calling for the Vick dogs (and every other 'pit bull' for that matter) to be euthanized is way over-the-top for me.


The Omaha thing is frightening...the woman was obviously taking care of her child to bring it back in. And with all the hysteria about these antibiotic resistant super bugs I absolutely see why people would resist taking antibiotics unless necessary. I got bit by a CAT a few months back and didn't take antibiotics for that very reason. Bites will always look worse the 2nd day...


If you have a serious bite, you should take antibiotics. The wound is inoculated with bacteria from the tooth. Cat bites are worse than dog bites because they are a deep puncture whereas most dog bites are a tear.

If it's a small thing, just make sure you clean it out with soap and water and use something like peroxide which kills the surrounding tissue so bacteria can't get a *foot*hold. If there is obvious inflammation around the wound a day or so later, and it gets bigger and the area feels hot to the touch, get thee to a medic and take the pills.

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