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January 16, 2009



More provocative, imo, is his total lack of success in reducing the rate of euthanasia. In 1979, the euthanasia rate was 76% in Lucas County. Flash forward to 2007 and the euthanasia rate is 65%. A measly 11% reduction over nearly 30 years.

If you take a look at Bay County, Florida, in one year, the new director reduced kill rates from 78% to 56%. And the new director has no experience with animal control (though I think he was in police work?)

And then there are the pit bull kill rates at Lucas County. 1,300 pit bull lookalikes in 2007. I would hate to be any muscular, short-haired dog in Lucas County.


I'm not at all surprised at the euth numbers... we are talking about a man who brags to his cronies about his 'kill' numbers.


ahh.. all this just really ticks me off.

why are people so ignorant? WHY?!?

Obviously numbers show that in the County, muzzling :Pit bull: did NO help do decrease the bite rate..
How can they not see that it's not the breed? How?

All this BSL bull needs to stop.

this all bothers me, and makes me soo mad because even though it's not my town, it soon could be some day!

it's just becomming rediculous.. it's not even about "public saftey" anymore.. it;s just for :power:- Hate for a certain breed, for Whatever pathetic, unreasonable reason


And Ohio continues its downward spiral.


How could the article not be nuts?

We're talking about Skeldon.

Dog Behaviorist Minneapolis

Its important to recognize that the problem with pitbulls stems from the type of owners they attract. They are no more likely than any other breed to exhibit antisocial behavior.

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