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January 31, 2009



I don't doubt that pedigree dogs are getting dumber. And I don't doubt that it's because they have intentionally and unintentionally been selected for that.

The one problem with Terrierman's analysis is that no one is taking advantage of the registries that are open. No one is recreating breeds, and very few are doing any serious outcrossing to preserve or inject genetic diversity.

Border Collies are one of only a few breeds still bred to work in a serious manner. Their main registries are all still open. Even the AKC stud book is still open. No one has performed an outcross to any other breed that I am aware of and then brought that line back into the registry through the Register on Merit program.

It's true that dogs from the Dalmation Back-cross program aren't allowed back in, even though they are 99.9*% Dalmation but lack the Kidney sludge disease.

And it's true that new hybrid dogs like Labradoodles aren't going to see AKC recognition any time soon.

But "work" is not a cure all for the problems that come with inbreeding. And despite a general trend to outcross within the breed, the Border Collie gene pool is still rising in COI. It might not be trouble now, but it's guaranteed to be trouble in the future.

So yes, let's yell at the show people. But realize that very few are actually doing what we are demanding of them.

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