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January 29, 2009




You called it, "this law has [nothing] at all to do with dogs."

It's a cowardly act by a group of people that lack grit and the leadership ability to pursue what they've ID'ed to be a problem in their community.



No, these laws have little to do with dogs, that's for sure.

We all know that 'dealer' and 'gangbanger' is just code. Hey, my ancestors were Irish, we were the 'gangbangers' back in the early 1800s. We brought 'pit bulls' over here, too :>)

Remember when we were talking about the DBRFs last year, the ones for 2007? We noticed that the areas with the most DBRFs were in the South and Southwest which happened to be the fastest growing areas in the country.

I don't think it's off-the-wall to say that social instability and problems are almost inevitable when you have that kind of growth. Add an influx of visible minorities or non-traditional ethnic groups and you can get additional volatility.

Combine that with the economic downturn, resentment in some circles over the election results and it can become a cultural powderkeg PDQ.

But restricting dogs should avert the crisis.

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