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January 02, 2009



Congratulations Boomer.
You`re already looking braver and spiffier.
Hope your Niece got a special treat for that job.
Those eyes don`t look so fearful anymore.
They have that "I think someone loves me" look.


ahh so cute!!


Great name! I knew a 'Boomer' once...he got his name b/c he used to jubilantly 'explode' into a yard/room/anywhere he went. "kaBOOM!" you knew Boomer was there! Very bubbly happy dog...which I know you're lil foster will blossom into once he knows real love.

Happy New Year will be your best ever!


I think Boomer suits him very well! I hope you will keep us posted on his progress!

I had a 'Boo' (for Boo Radley) not too many years ago. Sweetest dog that ever lived. He carried my kids thru a divorce and helped all of us thru many tough times. Me an' you an' a dog named Boo.....

Boo, Boomer -- both are fantastic names! I hope to read more about him soon!


A welcome home song for Boomer!


I had my speakers on too loud and it scared Boo! He recovered quickly tho...

I also like Boo as in "Boyfriend".

Brian Cluxton

Awesome! I'm honored you chose Boomer. Please let us know how he's doing periodically.


I'm surprised you didn't call him Newkirk.

Newkirk, heel! Newkirk, Sit - Stay! Go to your room, Newkirk!


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