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January 22, 2009



This is wonderful, and the pics are great. I especially love the last one, where it looks as though he's made himself right at home lounging against the porch rail! It's so rewarding to see a fearful dog come out of their shell and start enjoying things, like laying in a pile of leaves, or sniffing the air on a walk, or simply being in the company of other dogs and the humans that love them. Great update!


Just wanted to clarify my message above, talking about my favorite pic, of course I was referring to the last photo that you took, in his little jacket, not the atrocious pics from OK.


What a beautiful dog! I'm glad he's in good hands.


Here's to Boomer! May he spend the rest of his days confident, relaxed and fulfilled.

Any idea on his lineage?



He does still get nervous from time to time -- you can see in that first picture that he is a little nervous in front of the door. But he sure has come a long way since we first got him and based on where he came from.

Donovan, his lineage = dog....that's as much as we know. But "dog" is good enough for me any day :)


He's very cute and looks like he could use a new leash! Custom bully breed leashes and collars here The owner does an awesome job and in huge demand. Her big thing has been to police dogs even internationally and she is right here in Ohio...end of plug :)

KC KS Kills Dogs

Ooh what a sweetie! Brent & Michelle thanks for taking on this dog and giving him the skills to move onto his forever home.



Seeing actuall pics of Boo before, how he used to live, and now see how great and happy he is, it really hits you.

It's such a great thing you guys are doing for him.

He's just adorable!


What a cute, fantastic looking little boy -- I could just eat him up! Sheesh, I would snatch him up in a minute if I only could. What a living doll!

Michelle and Brent, IF you are not able to keep him, I am sure there is someone out there who would do the same! (meaining snatch him up)

Thank you both so much for introducing us to Boo and for helping some of us to sleep a little better at nite. You guys are awesome -- NO less!


SORRY, I almost forgot to comment on his darling jacket. It looks fabulous on him! I'm betting he turns out to be one in a million!


Boomer's no doubt a keeper - not that anyone needs to tell you that, and it sounds like he's slowly but surely getting accustomed to a well-deserved, good life.

That wooden floor fear is a hard one to fix. It's like after a few weeks their anxiety dies down but then one little slip and, boom, it's full on again. We gave in and just carpeted all the main traffic areas with runners.


A couple of key points:

1) We're FOSTERING Boomer. He's a great dog. No doubt a keeper for someone. But there is no room at the Inn for another full-time dog in our household. When he's ready, he will be going up for adoption.

2) Thanks Becky on the coat. I love that coat, although it's been chewed on a bit and is way too big for little Boomer. But it was cold and we thought he'd appreciate it.

3) Marc, I chuckled about your leash comment. It's seen a fair share of fosters -- and a couple of them were a little hard on leashes at first. It's still strong we keep using it. But eventually, I may have to pay your friend's website a visit :)


No we are not keeping him. Herman & Purrrcy said they would start pooping in the plants if we didn't find him a new home soon!

And yeah, after loosing several very good leashes the foster dogs get the ghetto leash until they prove they can handle a nice one.


Awwwww! Boomer is so cute!!!! What a doll! Thanks for taking him in Michelle and Brent! He is in the best hands!


Jerry Lee Southern? That sounds like a fake name. Personally, I wouldn't trust anyone named Jerry Lee Southern. Glad Boomer is doing well!


Ha - -I know Brian. Every time I hear the name it sounds like a main character off of the Dukes of Hazard.

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