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January 20, 2009



From the comments section:

monicas wrote on Jan 20, 2009 1:07 PM:

" These tragedies happen far more often than people would like to believe. Of course such maulings only make the local news, so people have no idea how often an unsocialized, angry and neurotic chained dog unleashes his fury on an innocent child. These tragedies are just one reason non profit Dogs Deserve Better is working to end the barbaric, antiquated practice of keeping dogs in chains for their lives. My heart goes out to this child's family. Learn more about these tragedies and how to prevent them at and "


A chain is merely a tool. Look to the other end of the chain and you will find your problem.


Stay classy, DDB.

These tragedies happen more often than people think and don't get much coverage?


Canis says the mix breed dog is a pit bull.

From their blog:

"It seems the only time an animal agency identifies a dog as a 'mixed-breed' is under the circumstances of a fatal pit bull-mix mauling."

The site is complete and utter BS and I simply cannot understand how people believe anything Colleen Lynn spouts.


Yes Canis. That's the difference between people who look at all of the available data (and the sources of those data) and those who have an agenda, that seek out only information that agrees with their agenda, and are even willing to make up information to support their already pre-determined position.

And honestly, I'm not sure more than a handful of people out there think that site is anything more than it really is...which is a woman with a computer and an agenda.


In an article I linked to tonight, the dog is described as a 'rottweiler mix'.

As if this is about the dog, not the sad story of a little girl who was let down by those who were supposed to protect her.


I love dogs but it is sad that many a times the dog is the only culprit...what about the owner? or maybe the child herself...true...what can an 8 year old do to a dog...but sometimes, a dog can be chained up for so long...they will get agitated easily because of boredom... remember, a dog has feelings too...


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