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December 07, 2008



RE Nuns

Are they barking up the wrong tree?

I`d say so.

[quote]"We are concerned for our children."[/quote]

[quote]Over the past 43 years (1965 - present) there have been fourteen (14) fatal dog attacks in Oklahoma, or approximately one (1) fatality every 3 years.

At least eight (8) different breeds/types of dogs have been identified in the fatal attacks in Oklahoma....

...Furthermore, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

In 2005, 41 children in Oklahoma died as the result of maltreatment (abuse/neglect).

In a SINGLE YEAR, 2005, more than THREE TIMES as many Oklahoma children died from maltreatment (abuse/neglect) than the TOTAL of ALL children killed by dog attacks in Oklahoma over the past 43 years. [/quote]

Looks like their concern is misplaced.


I would like to point out that in the NY attack the dog, depending on which news stories you read, either broke through a dog gate or through the "wall' of the baby's pen to attack. It wasn't like the woman plopped down her infant right next to the family dog and left.

I'd also say emergency surgery in ICU is generally life-threatening stuff.

I'm mostly glad about the Broward County dogs getting a reprieve. Yes, people should keep their dogs restrained and yes there should be consequences for that (though I rarely think death is the 1st resort). No, people shouldn't have their dogs killed because they kill another animal on their owner's property or kill another loose animal. That's silly.

selwyn marock

Read an interesting stat today,on our planet
there are 1,400,000 fatalities in car accidents reported
per annum,is it not time we BANNED motor vehicles.

selwyn marock

A Stat I learned yesterday,on the planet there are 1,300,000 reported road deaths per annum,I reckon cars should definitely be banned.Does that not equate to at least
2000 years of dog fatalities,am not very sharp at the moment had 2 beers.

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