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December 31, 2008



I'll check in with my friend in OR that lives near there...she has a pitmix and is a vocal dog person. I may chime in myself as OR is on the list of potential 'move to' locations in 2009. So exhausting.
PS. love the title, sums it up so perfectly! ;-)


Right on, Brent. I'm glad you're alerting more people to our plight here in OR with Ann Ogan. She is stunning in her ignorance.

And, for the record, she has a Scottish Terrier. Yes, the same breed as Barney, the Bush's dog who just bit a reporter on camera.

And, p.s. Ann Ogan-- it's a terrier, too.


I read in an online article(Can`t locate the link again) that the Present Council is getting so much mail and phone calls(in opposition) about this woman and what she has said that they have asked the Public to hold off until she is actually sworn in.


Here`s the link asking people to hold off.

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