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December 23, 2008


r hughes

If you have ever been attacked by a pit bull you would change your mind from this mindless irresponsible reporting. You people have no idea what these dogs can do. They mainly attack other dogs but if you are in their way god help you. I've been there and done that.

r hughes

I'm sure all you liberals will trash me but you've never seen how bad the breed is. The females can be tame but the males will kill you.


I'm not sure that most people who know me would call me a liberal (not that I know what that has to do with anything). I would say I know dogs pretty well (certainly not as well as some, but pretty well). The folks who have taken in these dogs know dogs very well. It seems to me in fact that the people who know dogs the best are the ones who fight for them -- because they know how great of companions they can be. It is usually the people who know little about dogs, who may have had one bad experience with dogs, that share your opinions.

PAMM - People Against Misinformed Men

Sounds like Hughes was fighting dogs and got caught in the middle.

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