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November 16, 2008


selwyn marock

I note from your articles much of what you advocate is the socialising of dogs and also not chaining an animal up,on these 2 points I agree 100%.What I do not follow is
how our highly educated intellectual Humans
does not realise these 2 points.Maybe a few
experiments on newborn human babies should be carried out i.e that is from birth they should be locked in a room,muzzled and chained,would they grow up as normal happy children and then become well adjusted
adults? I think not.


B, check this out!

Denver ACO Doug Kelly singing a different tune???


Wow, Emily, good find. Maybe they're getting paranoid about the upcoming lawsuit.

The article failed to mention that a kid was killed by a nordic breed the day the 'pit bull' ban was reinstated in Denver.

A few quibbles, of course, but not a bad column overall.


From my understanding, Mr. Kelly has never been a strong advocate of the ban....but this is certainly the most publically vocal against it I've seen. I really wish this article had run in the Denver Post instead of in Colorado Springs...but good nonetheless.

Aurora's ban goes to trial keep your fingers crossed for that.


My fingers are crossed so tightly I can barely type! I had Aurora on my calendar.

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