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November 29, 2008



Condolences to the family of this little boy.
Hopefully that good advice will sink in one of these days.


This reminds me of the story from last year where a Jack Russel Terrier killed an infant. It's simply wrong to believe that a small dog of any breed is not capable of doing great harm to a child.

While incidents like this always seem to bring out the idiots who believe that there is some law that would have prevented this, I think exactly what happened is measure enough.

I'm sure more than a handful of children have died this week due to mundane things like inhaling a toy, drowning in shallow water, being dropped or a fall, or a previously unknown allergy. Of course, only the dog incident will make the papers.

Nan Hopkinson

The writer of this article needs to get his facts straight. The story told is a bold face lie. I am the grandmother in question- I know what happened. I never left my grandson unattended and was attacked also. I have to live with the nightmare of what happened.


Nan -- I am sorry about your tragedy -- and the original headline was based on the initial media reports -- but I did update the information. Again, I am very sorry for your loss.

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