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November 10, 2008



what a heartrending story.. It reminds me of the story from a few years back of the pit bull who chewed off a baby's genitals.. As it turned out, yes, while the parents slept off a drug enduced stupor. And the dog (also a puppy, I believe) had routinely foraged in the diaper pail. I believe those parents were also charged, with criminal neglect "only" since fortunately the boy survived.

But only those like Karen et al who followed the story know the facts.. for most people it is still the story of the pit bull who chewed off a baby's genitals.


I thought that was a dashound...well, that was the same type deal. Dad and girlfriend (not baby momma) where gettin' it on while baby left on the couch with dashound - same thing happened. Or how about the ferrat chewing the baby's toes?

All goes to show you, nothing is more dangerous than an idiot parent.

Jon Bozak

Amen Brother. You are always spot on in these matters.

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