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November 26, 2008



Well I guess this means there are AT LEAST 21 people reading this blog.


I think this blog is starting to bother a certain site and a certain group.

Especially after your entry on "When a quest for Vengeance becomes dangerous"

That post and followup comment by on scene Investigator Jim Crosby has many questioning exactly what is going on over there.


Oh, I think anyone who has half a brain cell can tell what is going on over there. It doesn't take much to read the posts, and the comments, and see that they're not a credible source. They've accused all vetinarians of being pit bull breeders, politicians for accepting political contributions from dog fighters, blamed pit bull breeders for an attack by a collie, etc.


I think any time to you try to shut out dialogue about a subject it is extremely dangerous. Why would we fear rational dialogue? That's one reason I almost never edit comments here....only when it becomes completely slanderous or as a form of verbal assault. I think that open dialogue is the only way we'll ever come to real solutions to problems....not shutting out the ideas of every person with expertise on the subject.


Don't know if you saw my post about a neat little book called How to Lie With Statistics, but here are the first two paragraphs from the intro, which hooked me instantly:

"There's a mighty lot of crime around here," said my father-in-law a little while after he moved from Iowa to California. And so there was - in the newspaper he read. It is one that overlooks no crime in its own area and has been known to give more attention to an Iowa murder than was given by the principal daily in the region in which it took place.

My father-in-law's conclusion was statistical in an informal way. It was based on a sample, a remarkably biased one. Like many a more sophisticated statistic it was guilty of semiattachment: It assumed that newspaper space given to crime reporting is a measure of crime rate.


Same thing with 'pit bulls', which aren't even a breed of dog contrary to what media people believe.

Brent, you wouldn't need to read this book but because I've never learned much about statistics and how they can be manipulated it's been very informative for me.


I`m sure you noticed this in that letter but I thought I`d point it out anyway

[quote] I'd rather have an unsupervised collie in my backyard in the presence of my young grandchild[/quote]

Exactly why education is needed rather than legislation.

I`d be supervising my young grandchild around ANY dog.

So much for his "expertise" on dogs.


I was walking my dogs in Lawrence last fall and walked past a park where children were playing. They were approx 6th graders by the look of them and one kid stated very certainly to the other kids that they were pit bulls - there were oohs and aahs as the "dangerous dogs" passed the park. My dogs are actually a Shepherd/Lab mix and a Rotty/Hound mix and neither remotely look like pit bulls. There is a serious lack of knowledge about pits and about dogs in general. My wife and I foster big dogs on occasion-Mastiffs, Danes, etc. and train them to become adoptable-generally, they are sweet and calm dogs. The only time I've ever witnessed a dog killing another dog was when our old neighbor's two Dalmations jumped their fence and killed two of the neighborhood dogs. Too often dogs are blamed for the sins of their owners.


Pfft. Who needs facts when you've got fear and hysteria on your side? Dogs are either responsibly owned, or they're not. Their owners either let them get in trouble, or they don't. It all comes back to ownership.


To 'those over there':

Brian said, 'Too often dogs are blamed for the sins of their owners'. If only it were this simple.

Today we are blaming and punishing a breed of dog for a multitude of social ills, and a multitude of human failures. More than the prejudice, that is what angers me the most. Completely irrational and downright criminal -- we are waging a war (mass hysteria and mass murder) on the innocent and the exploited. And doing so with a completely twisted self righteousness.

With our bans, we have DIRECTLY AND LITERALLY PLACED this breed of dog in the hands of criminals and hoodlums, who do NOT obey the laws, who chain, neglect, and otherwise deny dogs their basic needs because we trying to ensure that law abiding citizens are not permitted to care for them. And then we blame the dogs???

A ridiculous, sickening abomination. Why don't you take your anger and your hatred and direct it towards those who deserve it.

Stop victimizing the victims. Why not at least strive to learn the truth? Because it does not support your fears and hatred?

Real stats are stats. Crosby collects all the data that he can in compiling his stats. The media collects no data when publishing their stories.

I hope those folks 'over there' realize how stupid they sound when they admit to holding their own opinions IN SPITE OF AND CONTRARY TO THE DATA. This is called bigotry, irrationality, and ignorance,.

While I'm at it, I personally take offense to 'those people's' statements about the kind of people who own this breed of dog, because they are liars.

It is true that the criminal and thug element have taken a liking to this breed, almost exclusively for the explicit purpose of exploitation. How can this POSSIBLY or reasonably be blamed on the breed of the dogs?

However, most 'pit bull type dog' owners are more like me, a 55 year old, law abiding, respectable job holding, dog loving female.

We are NOT the insane zealots that some describe us to be and it is nothing short of criminal that this is how we are defined.

It is a well established FACT that the majority of us adopt dogs of this breed BECAUSE we feel we can provide them safe, stable, fun, happy, loving homes, and protect them from all the harms and hatred towards them out there.

I would appreciate it if those who shoot off their mouths about these dogs and the owners of these dogs would AT LEAST do some kind of reputable study from reputable experts: About US, AND about the kind of dogs we have adopted.

And I do not want to hear ANY more about how the safety of their children is first and formost, because it isn't. The greatest dangers for children today are automobiles, caregivers, parents, playgrounds, malls, and swimming pools, NOT dogs, of ANY breed. Yet we continuously place our children in the face of all these dangers. Why? Because it is just too damned inconvenient not to. So do not tell me that children come first -- they don't. It's just too easy to create hysteria over improperly cared for dogs than to really DO anything about our childrens' safety.

By the way, a couple of weeks ago, my 'pit bull type dog' was attacked by a Jack Russel terrier and it did NOT make the news.


PS: Note that some people do not WANT to learn. Interferes with their blind hatred.



That guy claims he's had pit bulls before, yet he still thinks BSL is a good idea. I'm baffled. He must have had some unusual pit bulls if they weren't overly friendly and completely charming.

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