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October 05, 2008



Good post. Dogs we call shy and sharp are much more likely to bite than confident, dominant types.

Most bites are caused by fear of something, since biting is a last resort for most dogs. They usually bite because their many signals indicating escalating discomfort are ignored or in the case of a little kid, not interpreted.

Dogs which are encouraged to gratuitously attack anyone are a tiny minority. A professionally trained guard or attack dog is less likely to bite someone than a timid pet that lives in a state of anxiety that may go unnoticed by the owners.

Anna C

Two comments:
First - the ACO said " 'We need to seriously look at and rethink this whole thing that says people have the right to own a dog," Jenks said. "The companionship of a dog is a privilege, not a right, and not everybody should be extended that privilege.'" and I have an issue with that statement. I do think you can take rights away from an irresponsible owner but I do not think that owning a pet is a privilege. But for the most part Jenks seems better than many some others.
2. The dog was intact. While I do think this should be a voluntary act (to neuter/spay one's animals) I am surprised that Jenks did not comment on that aspect.

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