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October 12, 2008


Where to start?

[quote]Although the dog barked and growled at Macko, she reached out to pet it. [/quote]



Yay Bill Bruce

[quote]"I just can't preach it enough, it's not about dogs -- it's about responsible pet owners," Bruce said.[/quote]

Is there actually only ONE smart A/C person in this World?
There just has to be more.
Where are they?
It is so simple,why don`t more people get it??



I know, right? When you read stories like that one and the one where the kids were out chasing and tormenting the dogs on the playground you realized just how far we have to come in this society for the general public to understand canine behavior. I don't want people (or children) to live in fear of dogs, but they should respect them and understand their behavior. All the talk about "breed" over the past couple of decades has really done us a diservice in understanding canine bahavior.


And yes, Bill is amazing. What is more amazing is that his approach of focusing on irresponsible owners has led to a SUBSTANTIAL decrease in dog bites in his community over the past 15 years. It is just astounding that more people have not followed his approach.

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