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October 29, 2008



Thanks for the update Brent! My grandma has been rescuing dogs for 30 years and she's always thought highly of them.

I agree - fighting amongst ourselves often defeats the purpose of the larger goal we are ALL trying to achieve. Hopefully people can put their past prejudices behind them and try to focus on common goals instead.


I'm still on the fence about BF. My trepidation largely comes from their 2006 'dangerous dogs' conference where they stated that they believe there are dangerous breeds.

Not my people.

As for supporting MSN if low cost options are available for owners, that's supporting MSN. No?

As I say, I haven't made my mind up but I would not rush to embrace them as an organization.



Listen, I hear you. I was highly skeptical going in. Here's my deal. Unlike HSUS and PETA, who support MSN with end goal of ending pets and pet ownership, BF, I feel, has a positive end goal in mind. I feel like they are people who really want to do the right thing by animals. They want to end the killing of animals in shelters and do what's best for them.

I don't agree with them on the MSN front - but I think they are really trying to figure out what types of programs work best for the end goal of ending shelter killing. And to me, I can support a group that has good motives as long as they're open to good thinking. And they had the best thinking in the industry there this weekend.

FWIW, they did, I think, a fair job on the breed descrimination front also. AFF, the ASPCA's best representative and me (and I'm of course brilliant -- ha). So I have no complaints -- at all -- even though I shared your skepticism.


This sounds like very good news to me and I really like Brent's decision to think positive! I have learned more than I know what to do with, since I adopted a dog who was affected by BSL. It seems that everyone has. I think we should always consider the possibility that people AND their organizations are also learning more as they go and grow -- IF they are sincerely trying to do what is right, and not just pushing some kind of alternative agenda.

Brent, you and Michelle's involvement in this is greatly appreciated!


Yes, and unlike PETA and HSUS, Best Friends actually does save dogs and rehome them (and they DID publicly attack PETA and HSUS for their "kill the dogs" stance). I have lots of qualms about their focus on "dogs must be friendly with other dogs" as well as some of the freakier animal rights jargon/attitude. But, at least from what I read and see on their website, they have staff that have truly come to love.. and understand.. pit bulls. I think they've learned a lot post-Katrina (when they didn't cover themselves with glory in regard to pit bulls) and like Brent, I hope they have truly changed. They seem to be awfully good with potbellied pigs, too...


Brent - Kudos to you for addressing the working together piece. I believe this is bigger than many other things in the animal rescue world, since many organizations bad mouth one another. We may not all agree but we need to work together to get some things done. In our area, our new Executive Director at our local shelter has set up a Humane Coalition, which has teamed most animal shelter organizations in the area together for some benefits, e.g. group purchasing powers, group asking for donation powers (recent example of an organization that gave enough for free spay/neuter to the coalition), group adoption ideas (many don't adopt out certain types of pets in our area, others do, share the so called wealth of animals), and the list goes on. Yes, this coalition does include the pound and many organizations that I personally will not financially support with donation money due to their thoughts on BSL issues, even though my tax money may. However, I do support the fact that they are trying to save animals in some way and think people should go there to adopt animals. I also support them by not bad talking them. I do say what our differences are but do not bad talk their efforts, which I hear way too often in the animal sheltering world.


Have u seen that thing on tv about pet adoption this gal is bent over slaping her knees calling and the dog just looks at her and it says its a good feeling to adopt a pet then she rolls the ball to the dog and the dog just looks at her then she lays down on the floor and rolls her head and puts her hands over her face then the dog comes over and drops the ball beside her and it says its a great feeling when they adopt us. I loved it it will warm your heart

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