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October 14, 2008



Apparently Delia York, legal dept is on the warpath against dog owners in Kansas City, KS. She is more interested in listing how many wins she has in municipal court on her resume than public safety. (Gee is she trying to jump on the bandwagon of Mike Santos or Kory Nelson?)

This is an ordinance resolution she is introducing Thursday, Oct 13th, 7 pm at Kansas City, KS City Hall, 710 N 7th St, KC, KS.

Ordinance amending Section 7-130 of the Code of Ordinances regarding pit bull dogs,
submitted by Delia York, Legal Dept. The amendment would require the Director of
Animal Control to publish the prohibition in an approved Unified Government
publication and provide an annual educational brochure to include information
regarding the prohibition against pit bulls to the Neighborhood Resource Center for
distribution to neighborhood groups registered with Liveable Neighborhoods, Inc.

Resolution honoring and commemorating the life of Jimmie Mae McConnell who
died in an attack by a vicious pit bull dog, submitted by Delia York, Legal Dept.

On September 15, 2008, the Public Works and Safety Standing Committee, chaired by
Commissioner Holland, voted unanimously to approve and forward to the full


And that's the big issue! Breed Ban! Forget the real issues that are out there just go ahead and label certain breeds to be dangerous. Therefore their focus isn't on the real aggressive dogs or the stay animals running a mitts. But look alike breeds that ends up causing everybody an issue. Like taken away a look alike dog because it looked like a pit bull. 8 months later was returned. This is a hardship not only on the individual but on that dog too. How was this dog treated for those 8 months. Worries me that the dog could have been abused in the name of breed ban!


I attended the city council meeting tonight. The amendment that was introduced was basically an educational piece to educate the entire community on the prohibition of pit bulls. Apparently the city wants to educate everyone what exactly is prohibited, but kept saying "pit bull" over and over. So I guess we have to wait for the educational piece to come out. Since pit bull isn't a breed it will be interesting to see what exactly is covered under this ordinance. The amendment also reaffirms the city's committment to banning pit bulls.

About 14-15 members of Mrs. McConnells family were there. The proclamation was read and stressed the proclamation was to honor Mrs. McConnell who was attacked by a vicious pit bull and to honor all other victims of vicious pit bull attacks.

Then Mrs. McConnell's daughter and another family member stood up at the podium to receive plaques from Mayor Reardon. Mrs. McConnels daughter spoke about her mom's career as a school crossing guard and her love of children.

Mrs. McConnell's daughter stated she is an elementary school teacher and that in the mornings some of the kids can't make it to school. The kids can't get on the school buses because of all the stray dogs. I repeat she said stray dogs (she did not say pit bull). She further said the children's mom's call the school to alert them to the problem. Mrs. McConnell's daughter then stated we call The Humane Society about the stray dogs but they don't answer the phones.

The local Humane Society if a private shelter and has nothing to do with picking up stray dogs or any AC issues.

On the other hand KCK AC is only open Mon-Fri 8am (maybe) - 5pm. Weekends, morning, nights you are on your own. No on call AC at all.

I think we can all see the very obvious problem.

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