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October 03, 2008




What's your take on blue dog state's post on this topic? Blue dog says that this program is racist and I'm inclined to agree.

Is targeting black youth for responsible ownership education, while ignoring everybody else, really ok?

In my neighborhood, it's not the black folks with their dangerous crackhouse guarding dogs that I see violating city pet ordinances on a daily basis. If you ask me, it's my well heeled white neighbors, who let their gun dogs run free and crap in my front yard, who should report for mandatory reeducation.



I think that there are far too many people out there who are so eager to crticize ANYTHING associated with HSUS that they have a bit of clouded vision.

Make no mistake, HSUS deserves the criticism. But not everything they touch is evil.

Tio started this program as one or two guys helping out a couple of neighborhoods in Chicago. They were neighborhoods BADLY in need of help. And he is helping many of these kids who otherwise would have ended up with shattered, criminal laden lives.

He had the program up and going long before HSUS came along. HSUS decided to capitalize on what he is doing -- but is also providing him some funding and resources he wouldn't otherwise have had. In this case, he wins -- as does HSUS -- as do these urban youths.

There are a lot of things in the animal welfare world to get up in arms about. But helping kids stop destroying dogs and getting them to take pride in dog ownership and training is not one of them...regardless of what color they are.


A quick clarification, HSUS, in and of themselves is pretty evil. They really don't care about the people or the animals, but only whether or not they can make $$ off of it. Tio Hardiman's program is not evil. They're a great group that really do care about the dogs and the youth.

This is more on the group Tio started out with:


Yeah, Tio is cool but it's too bad the HSUS made him an offer he obviously couldn't refuse. Now, they'll take the credit, collect the sucker dollars as well as tell lies about the prevalence of dog-fighting.

I'm in favour of local programs by local people who see a problem and address it.

I'm against big fat-cat hypocritical corporations who don't do anything to help educate pet owners, provide services such as obedience training or vet care, etc, and certainly do nothing to help us fight to protect pet ownership for future generations.

Man, I'm cranky lately. I should rant at my own blog, eh?

Somebody slap me, quick.


The photo on this post speaks a zillion words! The pride is absolutely glowing in these young men's faces. And the dogs look downright happy!

Hey, you know, maybe Tio was not fully aware of all of HSUS's faults and dirty dealings. Most people aren't. I'm enraged at the undeserved credit HSUS receives for Tio's program, but sure can't fault him for accepting the support.

I feel that anyone who considers this program to be racist is clouding some very positive steps forward. These are the people with whom Hardiman believed he could connect and vice versa. He is actually making a very big difference in areas where law enforcement and animal welfare have failed. He is one of my heroes!


Uh--let's face it. HSUS is an opportunist. They filed an amicus brief in DENVER (Sonia's Federal appeal) and HSUS brief on PITBULLS says breeds 99% DNA identified, implying that DNA can ID all dogs with 99% accuracy. Now what do YOU call that? Seeing it on the last page of HSUS brief indicates they want judge to believe it's true, but it is FALSE. Most DNA on dogs was gathered from AKC which doesn't recognize APBT. They call them Amstaffs. But staffs are all banned. Guess what? HSUS just shot dog owners in the foot.

(Mixed breed ID'ing at this point is only a source of entertainment, not scientific proof.) Please believe that everything HSUS does is only to glorify themselves+ to make $$$... They do not care for animals being owned. HSUS might as well parade around in a KKK hood in my book. When groups like HSUS use these tactics to make minorities look good, that's nothing but pure media money gathering and is done to make people think they are all for pitbulls/minorities.

Uh--that is not the case. Just look at the video they help the police sell on how to look for dogfighters. First look for pitbulls in bad areas, then treadmills, then vitamin pills, then vet supplies.

Then go look on U Tube as they pride themselves in being quasi-police against using dogs for fighting. They only want that out there so they can further pass their "forefeiture" laws for dogfight proceeds to enure to HSUS. That was already defeated in CA and TN. Sorry. HSUS is nothing but a white sugar coated pill with a very very toxic core. But they are good at media manipulation, as we can see.



I agree with you on HSUS. However, having met Tio I have nothing but respect for his program -- which is really helping real people and read dogs in the inner cities of Chicago. I don't love that HSUS is now capitalizing on this, but I do think the program is a great one.


"HSUS made him an offer he obviously couldn't refuse." puke...

He used to partner with BF - his blogs were on their site when he spoke at our conference. I had a conversation with him about H$U$ and URGED him not to partner with them...they want to KILL the very dogs he saves. (At that point they had publically pushed for killing the Vick dogs.)

"is targeting black youth for responsible ownership education, while ignoring everybody else, really ok?" Yeah, it is. If you want to start a program to target the people in your area no one is stopping you. Tio is helping the people in HIS community and has no responsibility to help everyone in the world. And dog fighting is a little bigger issue than dogs crapping in your yard...

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